mercoledì 2 agosto 2017 - Energy For Swim – Champions For Charity – - Energy For Swim – Champions For Charity –Energy for Swim – Champions For Charity – celebration will feature a Foro Italico full of swim stars in Rome, including Italy’s aquatic top assets, Federica Pellegrini and Gregorio Paltrinieri – and … roll up, roll up, the international return of 6-times Olympic gold medallist Ryan Lochte.

Opening the evenings and during the intervals, from the spectacular stage show mounted in front of the pool, alternating The Ciccone Bros, Alessia and Dj Claudio Ciccone, a duo of modern and original musicians also featured in international scenes and Steve Norman, former saxophonist and percussionist of the Spandau Ballet, the famous New Romantic group of the 80s.

Energy for Swim will not only be about swimming: alongside the races and competitions, there will be shows and entertainment by world class artists united with the champions in one mission: raising funds for charity projects working towards children’s welfare. The charities are: Tabletochki supported by Energy Standard Team; Save The Children supported by the Italian Team, Make a Splash supported by USA Swimming and Cure Brain Cancer supported by the Australian Team.

You cannot come to Rome on August 8th and 9th? 

Don't miss any of the action, thanks to the Live Streaming provided worldwide (Italy Excluded) by FloSwimming, the swimming branch of the FloSports Network >

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